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Am I really starting a blog?

Yes...I guess I am. It's been a 5 year journey through kidney failure, dialysis, getting approved for the Transplant list, and then....waiting....lots of waiting. Waiting for a Living Donor to match and/or waiting for "The Call" that my name came up on the transplant list and it's go time. I feel it's time I share my journey. THANK YOU for caring enough to get to the point where you're reading this! I will try not to disappoint.


I'm so very proud of you for starting your blog Josh!! I re-shared your post on my page asking others to do the same & help get the word out that you are still waiting & searching for a O+ Kidney! I also asked for everyone to help me continue to pray 🙏 for you & send you love ♥️as well through this journey, my dear friend!!! God Bless 🙌 You!!! You've Got This!!!!! Believing For You That You'll Be Blessed 🙌 with a healthy matching kidney very soon, as I know you have been so desperately needing it for a long time now!!!


Laura Michaels
Laura Michaels
Apr 14, 2023

So proud of you ! keep the faith!


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Thank you so much for reading my blog posts, I'm so new at the "blogging thing".  You can find out more about my journey at the button below and/or contact me in the box provided. 

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